Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Stuff

This year I resolve to write more on this blog (we'll see how that actually goes). I also resolve to quit smoking, and lose weight. So in actuality, none of this will happen. I do not have good luck with New Year's resolutions.

It was a busy month of December and there has not been much time for anything, except for life. We had a Christmas party for my dad's office and even though my husband and I don't work for him, we are invited every year by default. I drank way to much wine, as in a bottle and a half, and since I am not normally a wine drinker, this was bad news. Too drunk, too loud, too passed out on the bar... I've had better nights.

We also had 3 family Christmas' -- or how every you write that. They all went off with out a hitch, including the one at our house where I did most of the cooking, while my husband did most of the cleaning and baby watching.

We did have the mass murder of 2006 -- which sounds bad, but it really was a stain incident. My husband was staining the round top windows, because he said they would be done before Christmas. His extension ladder let go and he fell about 8 feet, landed on his feet, but the cup-o-stain hit the floor and splattered EVERYWHERE. It even hit the 14' ceiling. The splattering looked like blood because it was a darker stain and thus instantly became know as the mass murder of 2006 -- we still have to repaint 3 walls, and stain the last window. After the falling, he didn't want to finish the one in the bedroom.

Kyler Kermit has learned many new words and is not shy about talking or making you do what it is he wants you do to. "Mon (as in Come on) daddy", "Reddy, Set, Goooooooo", "One, Twwooo, Sereeee, Twwooo, Sereeee, Five", still doesn't want much to do with his AB, CB, DB's.

I am looking forward to a great year full of big changes. I got 2 emails I am going to re-post here, because I think they sum up a lot of feelings of mine and a lot of good advice to everyone.

Happy New Year!

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